10 movies that will make you go vegan

Hi, you’ve made your way to this article that means you are at least curious about that crazy thing called veganism. And chances are, you are more than curious and maybe you are thinking to cut down on the burgers and mac & cheese.

And don’t worry we are not here to preach, well maybe just a little, we will leave that to these wonderful movies that together have started a movement and are shaping humanity for the better.

And if we have to leave you with one takeaway from watching all these it is this: Baby steps! Meaning, don’t quit overnight and go through a massive withdrawal that will likely make you go back.

Instead, cut one thing at a time. Be it: cheese, then a few months later: red meat, then: chicken, then: eggs (the hardest for me), and finally: fish. This is just an example but it has worked for us and you can adjust it to your own lifestyle.

And without further ado, here are the movies to help you along the way:

1. Dominion (2018)

A must watch, honest and brutal account on the meat industry. A horrifying narrative about the inhumane treatment of animals. Watch trailer.

2. Earthlings (2005)

A touching look at our planet and humanity’s dominance and abuse over other species for its own benefit. Narrated by the actor and live-long vegan Joaquin Phoenix. Watch full movie free here.

3. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

An inspiring story of how we push earth’s resources to the limit for the sake of growing livestock and feeding our whims. And how going vegan or veganish is the best thing for your health and the planet.

4. What the Health (2017)

The single most powerful film that turns people into vegan quite often overnight. The gripping story aims to uncover the conspiracy of things that is the meat industries, government health organizations, and their intermediaries. All of which are going through great pains to preserve their revenue streams by hiding the truth about plant-based diets and their benefits to overall health.

5. Forks Over Knives (2017)

This film attempts to prove with stories and studies that most common diseases can be avoided or even reversed by dropping fat-rich animal-based diets and processed foods and adopting plant-based and raw foods.

6. Vegucated (2011)

This casually shot film follows three meat and cheese guzzling New Yorkers on their quest to go vegan for 6 weeks. Watch and see the transformation, frustration, and ultimately the lessons from their journey.

7. Food Inc. (2008)

A sobering look at the American food industry and how it pushes the boundaries, for bigger, faster, cheaper meat, while sacrificing quality, and ultimately our health, in the process. The runner-up for the Go-Vegan-Overnight prize, if you ask us.

8. Vegan (2017)

An honest account of the vegan movement, how it takes ever deeper root and is the choice diet and philosophy for many millennials and younger generation. We are headed for a vegan world, we hope. So if you believe what we believe spread the word to live better, healthier lives, and leave a better world behind us.

9. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)

This movie started or at least significantly boosted the juicing revolution. It follows two middle-aged men in very poor health through their 40-day green-juice-only journey to losing weight, better health and the start of a new more balanced life. It does not advocate pure veganism but it holds many important lessons that are in line with the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 is a wonderful follow up focusing more on disease and how juicing can prevent and even reverse hardcore staples such as diabetes. Do take a look, great info and wonderful stories lurk inside.

10. Okja (2017)

This is our only non-documentary entry in this list. It is a vigorous, entertaining, and often brutal journey of a little girl trying to save her pet pig from the prongs of the meat industry. There are villains, activists, wild chases, and inconvenient truths all around, well packaged and hardly sugar-coated.

We hope this help, if you have any questions, drop us a line. We would love to chat, share, and advise, it’s free. Also if you know of or have seen a movie that we have not mentioned, please do share, we would love to add it to the list.